Meet Fayola


Founder, Lead Coordinator and Designer of Creative Motion Events


Fayola Whyte-Manco, Founder, lead coordinator and designer of Creative Motion Events has been on a fulfilling journey since marrying her high school sweetheart in May 2011. This was just six months after the birth of her firstborn son, Omarie. Life couldn't have been any more rewarding for the young mother and bride-to-be, who then decided to design and plan her entire wedding, thus discovering her passion-creative event designing and planning.
After posting her designs on social media Fayola began receiving amazing feedback. Before she knew it, she was decorating baby showers, bachelorette parties, and bridal showers. Any opportunity that came her way, she grabbed it, becoming more and more passionate with each event.
In 2017, with the encouragement of satisfied clients, Fayola officially decided to go into the event planning business. She was more than ready to begin her journey, but the importance of her husband’s support was the last piece of the puzzle. She was convinced he would think she was crazy to start her own business, but to her pleasant surprise, he was extremely supportive, and actually wondered why she hadn’t done it sooner! And so, it became official; the mother of two amazing and beautiful kids, Omarie and Totiana, birthed her third baby, Creative Motion Events.
Fayola Whyte-Manco admits to being somewhat OCD when it comes to decorating and extremely detailed. She thrives on bringing her clients' vision to life and believes that in order to know and understand exactly what clients want you have to develop a relationship with them and gain their trust. “I devote a lot of time to making sure each event is perfect. It's all in the details. I believe it's the little details that makes the event come to life."

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