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"Our Love Matters: A Tribute to Black Love in Troubled Times"

In 2020, amid the echoes of anguish from the tragic events surrounding Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, Creative Motion Events by Fay LLC embarked on a poignant journey to celebrate love and resilience. Our photo styled shoot, titled "Our Love Matters," became a tribute to black love during a time of profound societal reflection.

Against the backdrop of a world grappling with injustice, our team sought to encapsulate the strength, beauty, and unity found in the essence of love. The shoot, meticulously designed, aimed to convey a message of hope and solidarity, transcending the pain that gripped communities across the nation.

The images captured during this time stand not only as a testament to the power of love but also as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, love remains a force that can inspire change and healing. Each frame tells a story of resilience, echoing the sentiments of those who marched, spoke out, and demanded justice.

As we commemorate Martin Luther King Day, we invite you to explore the Our Love Matters photo styled shoot—a visual representation of the enduring spirit that propels us forward. Let these images be a source of inspiration, prompting reflection on the transformative power of love in the pursuit of a more just and compassionate world.

Featured in:

  • Brides & Weddings Magazine

  • Capitol Romance

  • Bespoke Bride Wedding Blog]

Design and coordination @creative_motion_events

Photographer: Megan and Garrett @megapixelsmedia

Makeup: Ari Santiago Lewis @ariellewisllc

Cake: DraLisa @saveroomdesserts

Models: Pierre Harps @mistamr12 Jordan Kendrall @jordan.kendrall

Stationary: Lindsay Tramel-Jones @amoreboutiqueoc

Cookies: Anna @tinytudorcookies

Balloons @jessalbinsevents

Calligraphy : Megan @copperstoneco

Macarons: Jammy @mrsmacarons

Rentals: Something

Vintage @smthingvintage Florist:

Cristabel LeBlanc @roseandbelflorals

Venue: Haven Street Ballroom @havenstreetballroom

Flower farm: @sevenpetalflowerfarm

Silk ribbon: @heyitsohsopretty


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